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MHIC# 75054


Brick Veneer

Brick are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures. Mortar is also made in a variety of colors. With these diverse choices of style, the home owner or builder can match or contrast trim, siding, and roof colors.
In the photo below, split-faced block are used as a base and accent band. The custom-made brick arches help to highlight the windows. The mortar for  the split-faced masonry units are similar in color, giving an appearance of a solid band.  The mortar color used for the brick is also similar, but has a slightly darker tone which helps to outline the individual brick. (Click on photos to enlarge images.)



Brick are used as pavers and in retaining walls. In this photo brick are being used  to construct a seat and the lower level of a retaining wall.


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